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Summer Hill Pantry's Strawberry Dust is all natural, Australian and are made with 100% fruit - nothing else. No added colours, flavours or preservatives and gluten free. The freeze drying process locks in flavour, colour and retains nutrients. 

1 x 25g tablespoon equals a 250g punnet of fresh fruit. It has all the goodness and benefits of fresh berries. 

Add all the health benefits of fresh strawberries to your baking and drinks.

Make food fun! Add some crunch with a flavour burst!

Strawberry powder provides natural flavour and colour to your icings, cream, protein balls and muesli bars.

Stir into frosting or whipped cream, sprinkle over dessert, or decorate your cakes. Add to your smoothie, cereal or yogurt or sprinkle over ice cream.

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